Privacy Policy

Attention: this page is not a “formal” nor “legal” privacy policy, but more of a general statement on my views with regards to privacy and how this site will respect your privacy.

Who I Am

I am Jared Shields.
I own & run this blog,

General Statement

I am a strong believer in privacy and security on the internet.

Privacy should be afforded to everyone, and with that, every single person should have control over their data, what data is collected, how it is used, and how long it is retained (This is a non-exhaustive list of reasons data may be collected or what it may be used for).

Any data that is collected by this website will never be handed over to third parties for any reason whatsoever, unless compelled under the rule of the law.

Advertisements & Tracking Pixels will never be run on this blog.
They are an immense weight on all of us, and a great enemy to freedom and privacy on the web.
They often spread malicious software and engage in dark practices which harm all of us.

I believe in freedom of information and transparency.
This blog will never introduce paywalls; I will always attempt to produce correct information and sources for the content posted within.

Data must be free (IE – free beer & freedom)
Part of taking back the freedom that has been lost on the web means owning your content and being self-sustainable.
Having your content & data in the hands of a select few gigantic corporations, social media companies, and various agencies gives them more power over you, the ability to silence you, and gives up your rights.

Potential information that may be collected:

  • Web server logs:
    • Date & Timestamp of when a visit occurred
    • IP address of the requesting/visiting machine
    • URI path that was requested (including URL Parameters)
    • Browser user-agent string
  • Name & Email address, if a comment is left on a posting or contact form (Optional)


If there are any questions or concerns about the statements made on this page, you can view my contact information here: Contact